Light Vehicle Training


In this course , we will train you to drive light vehicles(cars) with all gearboxes


  • We will teach you driving skills and knowledge to pass the roads and traffic authority examination in the first attempt. We follow the latest research and best practice to ensure that the most effective programs are offered to the general public.
  • We have unique techniques and procedures to meet a very high standard of driving tuition in alignment with the RMS. We have designed/created a way so that it can be tailored to individual needs and abilities.

What New teach Training Centre course includes

  • Vehicle control skills: steering technique, clutch control, braking technique
  • Perceptual skills: visual search techniques, hazard perception
  • Cognitive skills: decision making, risk estimating, social factors

You going to your local RMS, and paying the Licence upgrade fee then you can start your career as a Car driver.

Contact NEW TEACH TRAINING CENTRE and book for training and assessment COURSE. Please have your drivers licence with you when you call, as there are details within the drivers licence which we need to process your booking.

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